When is the best time to come to Sidi Kaouki?

It depends what do you seeking for.

  • Spring time is great to find big waves in combination with big waves. But could be you do not have wind every day. When in Europe still snow is falling we have already summer here.
  • Summer months we still have good waves but they are not often bigger than 2,5m. Now wind normally becomes really constant. 95 % of good wind days.
  • Autumn: wind becomes less strong waves becoming bigger. Perfect for people who wants combine windsurfing and surfing. Great climate ;−)
  • Winter: We have great waves but less constant wind. Now it is maybe not rentable to make a pure windsurfing trip to sidi kaouki. But you can catch anyway big days. Ideal time for surfing or kitting. Sometimes it is raining. During daytime summer feeling− but cold get fresh in the night

Which material should I bring with me?

  • Windsurfing: 1 waveboard 75l; 3 sails 3,5 / 4,2 / 5,0
  • Surfing : minimalibu
  • Kitsurfing: Kite 6m 10m
Or just rent some of our Material. Directly renting Material in the Booking process.

Is Sidi Kaouki only interesting for creaks?

no. Wind surfers should be able to do waterstart even with strong wind. Powerjbe should work out more or less. You should be ambitioned to learn how to handle with waves.

Kiters and surfers: all levels from the beginner to the pro will have fun here.

Even not sport ambitioned people will love this spot.− Ideal place to relax−.

How save is Sidi Kaouki?

There is no real crime in Sidi Kaouki. But it is already happen that deserted flip flops on the beach found an other owner. There is a police station in Sidi Kaouki. We watch the happening on the water and rescue with a jet−ski. For girls and women it is genial not to be accosted everywhere as in other Arabic towns. Kids can play free on the beach.

Is it necessary to have a rental car in Sidi Kaouki?

It is not essential to have a car. You can have a bigger profit of wind to be able to change the spot. But we from the station we offer as well trips to other spots if it is not working in Sidi Kaouki and if we know some where else there are the better conditions we go their. To come to Essaouira (next bigger town) you can take as well public transport (last bus to Sidi Kaouki at 20:00 )or private taxi for 13Euros one here way. It is no problem to provide oneself with necessaries in Sidi Kaouki.

Is it possible to bring rental material to other spots?

Yes of corse just take one board and two riggs. −No extra costs−

What happens if there is a damage of the Material?

There is no insurance offered, because here conditions are sometimes raff. if you do not care of the material it could happen easily to break it. To avoid this any damage on this conditions we even do spare neither trouble nor expense to offer only the strongest new material that are nearly unbreakable.

Hours of operation?

Station is open from 9.00−23.00
− Sunset Surfing without stress −

Where to change money?

Don´t bring Moroccan Dhirams from your own country, it is to expansive: You can draw money from cash machines at the airport or in Essaouira, by credit card or EC −card.( Maximum will be about 400 Euros per day.) We at the station accept Us dollars, Euros, Swiss Franc.

How to book and check availability online?

Just click on ¨Booking¨

  • fill in your personal information
  • only the free hotel rooms are shown, choice the rooms for all of you. If your favourite hotel is not free: play around with the ™dates™ May make separate bookings if you want to switch the hotel during your stay.
  • Reserve your transfer or rental car or press :¨Skip¨ if you don´t want to reserve.
  • Choose your favourite material You are asked to make a Choice for everyone of your group one after each other.− to change to other free material depending conditions is no problem when you are here.
  • Check your reservation. Go back if necessary or confirm.
  • You will get a reservation confirmation reserving due payment by email.
  • Please arrange for the payment of the deposit as soon as possible.
  • You will have maximum 7 days to do this payment. If there is no receipt of payment the reservation is automatically cancelled.
  • When cashed you get separate vouchers for each service by email, please print this vouchers and bring the coupon ¨for service provider¨ with you.
  • We will except you already here in Sidi Kaouki Tipp: before you book your flight check availability of favourite hotel and material.

I booked transfer or car here. How I can identify the driver at the airport?

Driver well have our logo: in his hand and he knows your name. He expect you at the arrival hall.

How to find my hotel I booked here ?

Just come here to the station and we will show you. If you booked transfer here, the Taxi driver will bring you directly to the hotel.

How to chancel my reservation?

Just write a short email to felix@sidi−kaouki.com

cancellation fees :

Cancellation : 60 days ahead 10% of the full amount
Cancellation : 30 days ahead 20% of the full amount
Cancellation : 15 days ahead 40% of the full amount
Cancellation : 10 days ahead 70% of the full amount
Cancellation : 6 days ahead 100% of the full amount

This is valid even for all other services that are booked over www.sidi−kaouki.com