Airush Kite - Flow


The key ideology of the Flow FT is to pursue the absolute highest all round performance levels, whilst reducing complexity for the rider.The 2009 Flow introduces variable canopy curve. This unique concept optimizes the center area of the canopy making it more efficient than traditional kites. This translates into a lower center of effort, which increases depower while reducing bar pressure and bar throw. The shape maintains the vertical component in the wingtip to enhance directional steering.

Through research into improving the stiffness to diameter ratio of the leading edge, we developed an Aramid composite sandwich construction, featured in the wingtip area. This feature creates more direct steering due to a wingtip / LE structure that is 50% stiffer than a standard wingtip. This has enabled us to remove the cross bridle which enhances the steering further.

Flow 5 / Flow 7 / Flow 8.5 / Flow 10 / Flow 12 / Flow 14 / Flow 16

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